Excellence Stage

Further modernizing the firm with the latest engineering machinery and tools available at the region, establishing offices in all regions of Afghanistan. Undertaking big projects in the areas of building construction, roads, irrigation, water supply, etc in Afghanistan, participating in international construction and consultancy biddings.
Upgrading the training and consultancy institute by including the research component in the areas of civil engineering, private sector development and human capital development.
Initiation of scholarship and internship programs for the young, energetic, motivated and capable Afghan students and fresh graduates. Achievement and progress of specific objectives in each stage depend upon internal as well as external factors. The firm will be diligent enough to improve the internal factors continuously in timely and appropriate manner as well as will be closely monitoring external factors and will be taking proactive and appropriate actions for utilizing opportunities and for mitigating risk factors.

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"We have been operating for 20 years now, and examples of work we have completed may be seen in several cities." Management

"We combine an exhaustive range of planning and construction services to create a comprehensive, integrated approach for Taking Solutions Further."

"We are particularly interested in hearing from Site Managers, Contracts Managers, Surveyors, Estimators, Buyers or Administration staff who feel they can add value to our current processes." 


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