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IN ORDER to address the root causes of  Terrorism, Turmoil, devastation, frustration, and restlessness and negative commercial activities around the world, which in the real terms nurture and developed from the fields of  poverty, illiteracy and UN-excess abilities of the inhabitants of the  remote areas of the world communities to the basic living facilities- of education, health, and income resources.
When these economically, deprived and  frustrated communities forged their powers together  to find alternate economic activities and income resources in order to improve their living standards and of their children, but, when they could find an immediate solutions for their problems they adopted different courses of violence and destruction   and these economically frustrated communities worldwide complied their forces of  frustrations, illiteracy, poverty together and stand up against the world’s  developed societies by  creating their own strategic powers and equipments, as strong as to  put even the NATO, forces in perplexity. These are few of the basic root causes that converted the whole world into a scary and terrifying place to live in.

The world leadership for the first time have been compiling and forging their resources of experiences, knowledge, financial, technological to design a renewed conflict resolution approach to address the real and indigenous solution to the universal problems through dialogues, and development languages by involving the economically deprived   communities as a development partners. Now the chronic injured body gradually heals up and will take enough time frame to become a healthy and prosperous world body, a world where at the mankind would live with peace and with the concept of universal brother and sisterhood as a single human being.
PIROOZ Bam Afghan Construction Company (PBACC) was conceived and established with the zeal and objectives to take part in the development process  of Afghanistan as an investor in the  Planning, infrastructure development, building, design and construction and management  sectors by injecting professional expertise in shaping of  modern and renewed Afghanistan on the one hand and on the other to assist the Government of  Afghanistan,   international community’s engaged with the development  and the  NGOs in their development endeavors in Afghanistan.
PIROOZ  Bam Afghan  Construction Company  (PBACC) was conceived, established and equipped with professional and expert human capital, modern construction machinery, equipments and all related accessories, in order to achieve the desired objectives of quality construction, safety precautions and complete the projects within the financial and time budget frames.

PBACC, since its inception in 1999, has been taking active part in the development, re-construction and rehabilitation process of Afghanistan shoulder to shoulder with the Government of Afghanistan, the international organizations and NGOs in the development endeavors of shaping a modern Afghanistan. So far we are proud of our team works, several projects are underway or complete for national and international agencies, we are recognized for delivering what we promise with high quality standards and a safety record that few organizations can claim. We work in places where many fear to go and others leave when the situation heats up. PBACC is going to rebuild Afghanistan for the long-term. Our investment in the local economy reflects our commitment to Afghanistan. Our experience goes beyond completing projects and extends to sustainable results and problem resolution.
(PBACC) is a registered private benefit construction and capacity building firm functioning independently under a valid license number D-23000 issued by Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA).
PBACC has professional and technical staff in different fields of civil engineering including, Agriculture Sector Infrastructure Development: irrigation channels, earth works, water source-reservoirs, Dam works, supply & sanitation, road construction. building construction, structural design and architecture, as well as in the areas of budgeting, project cycle management, proper and accurate reporting and documentation, data related issues, and training covering all the areas as mentioned above Moreover, PBACC is equipped with new engineering machinery and technology and all its architectural and engineering designs are executed with computer aid programs such as, AutoCAD, VISIO, 3D MAX, SAP, SAFE and ETABS (lattes version).

We provide quality engineering and management services, including master planning, design and construction (design/build) of facilities.  We have experience managing a large Afghan labor force, which is held accountable for delivering high quality work. We also retain and manage quality control (QC) engineers and technical staff to support the quality control manager on site. This added team support helps to ensure that work is done at the highest rate of efficiency and is aligned to INTERNATIONAL codes and standards, while adhering to the project budget and schedule. Today, we maintain one of the largest professional and skilled workforces in Kabul, Kandahar and Herat with established senior level relationships with key local contracting firms and material suppliers.  We have experience working in adverse environments, under highly aggressive time, scope and budget constraints typical of different projects.  In fact, our success in quality, budget, and schedule on all of our projects in Afghanistan is unmatched. All our projects are readily available for inspection and many deferent  companies’  personnel  can  provide  first-hand  feedback  from  worksites  about  PBACC’s performance. Several PBACC/National projects will be completed before the end of the calendar year. Furthermore, PBACC will done everything in the Contract Document/RFP in addition to several other complementary engineering design, build and management activities.


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