Establishment Stage

Making sure that the firm complies with all legal conditionality’s and procedures, development of effective and efficient organizing, establishment of capable management and operational/technical team. Developing/Adopting sound management procedures and good practices. Establishment of the office in Kabul equipped with minimum required material, equipment, and stationary, developing different guidelines and procedures necessary for the smooth, effective, efficient and transparent operation of the firm, developing a database on the cost of imported material, local material, labor; and weather features and accessibility facilities in the different parts of Afghanistan. Developing a database on donors and project awarding institutes/bodies. Developing PBACC' website. Equipping the firm with some engineering machinery and tools. Executing a few small and medium sized manageable projects of building construction and/or renovation. Designing and delivering a few training sessions in the areas of civil engineering such as bridge design, etc. Systematically documenting lessons learned. Providing services in the area of different types of surveys. Developing building designs for common public.

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"We have been operating for 20 years now, and examples of work we have completed may be seen in several cities." Management

"We combine an exhaustive range of planning and construction services to create a comprehensive, integrated approach for Taking Solutions Further."

"We are particularly interested in hearing from Site Managers, Contracts Managers, Surveyors, Estimators, Buyers or Administration staff who feel they can add value to our current processes." 


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